Dian Pelangi Malaysia Private Opening/ Soft Launch

at Dian Pelangi Malaysia private opening/ soft launch!

Thank you for inviting us!
Congratulations and all the best, Dian! =)

I'm just gonna cut it short and let you girls enjoy the photos!
All I can say is, I'm definitely coming back to shop for some of my fav pieces by Dian!
So much beautiful colors, prints and beadings!


The girls!

Dian giving her speech!

The fashion show!
Here are some of my fav pieces!

With Datin NorJuma and Dian Pelangi!
Gah, I feel soooooo humble and unpretty! T_T

Be sure to visit Dian Pelangi boutique and shop shop at:
17-2 (2nd floor)
Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru, KL.

Psst.. I heard she'll be at her boutique tomorrow! ;)



dayanQueen said...

bes nya jumpa dian pelangi...

myra abdullah said...

wah! bestnye..DP dh bukak butik kt sini..yukhuuuu =D

nadia arrumaisha said...

yanny, berseri sangat muka u...so sweet.........

Nikisa Izas said...

wow dian pelangi have their own shop in Malaysia now..must visit it:)

Fatima Z. said...

soo beautiful pictures & I love the way of your headscarf! :)

Liya Laa said...

Kak Ynanny, u r so beautiful with the baby bump :)

berry said...

Ape pulak unpretty, u ade seri ibu mengandung tu dua2 takleh setanding u.

kalau u nak beli kain batik ke sutera ke bag atau dress jenguk2 la blog saya k.


HijabRevival.. said...

you are positively glowing! mashallah you look so gorgeous pregnant! I remember when I was pregnant i looked like a bloated whale and my nose tripled in size lol!!

Anonymous said...

Kak Yanny, i love ur dressss!! it looks so nice on ur body! =))

Cik Cakula Cemekut Cekelat said...

Love Dian Pelangi!

[sutera kasih] said...

semuanya cantik2 :)
bestnya dpt jmpa dian..

dinashuz said...

i am obsessed with dian pelangi n her clothes! hehe =) to die for la d collection. do u mind sharing dear... what's the price range for her collections yeah?

Miss-Peacock said...

mashallah you really look beautiful :)



lovefashion said...

Your so beautiful! I love your outfits!


Cupid Fazza said...

Ahiihiie...Cantik Beug...!


Ike Yasinta said...

Hi Adriani! Salam kenal ya.
Anyways, I copied few pictures of mine here to be featured on my portfolio blog. Hope you don't mind :)

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