OBB Collection Mini Fashion Show at MSU

Hello dearies!

I'm so excited to show and tell though I pretty much did the worst...Hahaha!
The girls looked awesome and it was SO MUCH FUN!

We catwalked, posed for the camera, and boy we couldn't stop smiling!

Thanks so much to
Lyna Kamal for inviting us to join her in participating for this
MR and MISS MSU 2011
Not forgetting,
Jezmine for all the awesome pieces from Old Blossom Box!
OMG, I wish to buy them all! :D

Hot ladies (except me) in awesome OBB collection!

Anis, the winner of Miss MSU last year.
She's a real life MODEL today! OMG!
So pretty and nice too! :)

OK! Tak aci, giliran saya second after the HOT real model... -_-
I bought the skirt y'allll! Loves it! :D

Honestly, never was there a dull moment when Maria stepped onto ze stage,
Doing her funny moves, rocking the crowd!

The cute petite, no more a lady, now called babyFira OMG!
She can model for OBB for life!

The so-much-more-gorgeous-upfront, Fatin Suhana!
She's super sweet in person too!
A beauty inside out indeed! :)

Lyna's friend, Fatin Emilia!
She could really win Miss MSU if she were to be one of the contestant!
Am so loving the look on her! :)

Our catwalk sifu and one of the mastermind of the show, Lyna Kamal!
You girls should really see her walk! :D

Our on-stage group poses! :D

Jezmine and Rina Salleh were two lovely judges for the event!

A MUST! After-show group photos!

Re-doing the catwalk together...


With some of the other models in Kaftan Collection...

Last shot in the outfits...
xoxo, Gossip Girls by Old Blossom Box Store.

*backstage after the show*
With Izzatul Hanaa, aka L!

with the sweet Nurulcakapcakap!
tp tak sempat gambar berdua, sad :(

Two lovely sweet girls!

With the winner and her friend! :D


aien.. said...

u guys look so awesome..=)

anis said...

stylish la you all. keep it up ;)

Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

manyak cun .. <3

nor shazieyda said...

sume chantek!!

Nisa A. said...

auwww semua gorgeous tau :D

y u y u Z u l a i k h a said...

semua gojes kat sane.. :) suka tengok

~kuyam~ said...

cantik :)

safura zahari said...

wowwwww...speccless so gorgeous.

Reflisia said...


Ami Schaheera said...

xoxo OBB girls! :))

yayamarcello said...

lawa. suka :)

masshie mastura said...

suka :D
buatla kat U laen pulak eh eh eh :)

Adriani said...

Thanks girls!

Ami: ugh nice Ami! :D

Hahahaha comel je masshie :)

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

suke seluar yang macam skirt tu. name die palazzo kan? kat OBB ade ke?

Adriani said...

The brown colored one is it?
Yeap! :)

fya zainal said...

suma look gojes
kaler2 dia sgt besh

shazika said...

ai sis gojes,
dah jadi model skrg eh..

comey la

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

alahai.. macam wane itam je tu? yang lyna kamal pakai. ehehe.

Adriani said...

shazika: model lah sgt...hahaha :P

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta: its dark brown dear....

/Dayah/nurul/dayak said...

lawa sume, concept shop obb nmpk cool & modern. i think org yg confident bergaya mampu bergaya like you girls kn :)

ara said...

lawa nya..

eylalaslie said...

sangat sangat sangat cun n meletop la korang semua!so sweet :)

L said...

the palazzo pants telah dirembat oleh Rina Salleh and Lyna Kamal. Lyna sndri ckp. hahaha.aww, yannyyy. you so so so pretty okay! comel je you catwalk . but act u girls should join as participant lah!!
p/s:yayy. u remember me :)

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