Costume Party / Annual Dinner 2010

Hi all.

So last night was the 'much anticipated' company's annual dinner.
I was acting as one of the emcees for the night and the theme was All Around the World!

I played a Tibetan girl... hehe.

Didn't get to snap much photos as I was so busy preparing and making announcements -_-
I'll probably top-up more and more photos here once I got them from my colleagues!

Here are some I managed to snap! :D

A Japanese, Red Indian, and me :)

My Baba Nyonya supervisor, and a lady from Egypt.

Thai girl, Egyptian guy? and Arabian genie!
the guy won Best Dressed Male! If that is not obvious?
and the genie took home prize for Best Dressed Female.

Indian Chinese! :D

Them peeps from European Countries!

Lovely ladies! :D
I think the lady in purple gown is from Spain, no?

I left quite early just as soon as I finished my emcee part.

The dinner quickly turned into a disco/club with live bands playing catchy tunes and everybody started going crazy and dancing like there's no tomorrow -_-
Part of it was annoying as I noticed some of my malay colleagues also started doing...err some moves and some pretty disturbing behavior. I really didn't see it coming since I was kinda close to them and they're nice and sweet at the office, so I was shocked and embarrassed at the same time.
Hahaha I sound so kampung here but well, I rather not join them. :P

Oh, I got my costume from here, Abracadabra Costume Rental Store in Puchong. My own furry snow hat. And Necklaces sponsored by Shea! Thanks munchkin! :)

PS: Video Tutorial will be uploaded tonight alongside
photos from the most beautiful Malay Wedding I've been to. :)


yasmin zaini said...

the tibetan costume is fantabulous! :D

Adriani said...

Thank you yasmin! :D

cHempaka dewi said...

wow!!!best punya dinner!!

hanna iymeera :) said...
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hanna iymeera :) said...

adriani u look so cute in that tibetan costume :D

masshie mastura said...

comeycomey :)
great idea. t ade costume party i pn nk try jd tibetan la ;)

Wan/fud said...

God, that snow hat you're wearing as part of your Tibetan costume- I really need it. It's -5 degrees here and my brain is freezing =((((

Hope your MC part went well! <3

Ahaha, I don't think you're kampung at all for getting embarrassed at the Malay girls. I would too. Usually over here at parties I leave early before the guests start getting drunk and trying to hug/ kiss everyone in sight.

Ami Schaheera said...

comel gila pls tibetan girl pakai furry hat!! suka sangat u pakai :D

teringin nak pakai fur hat tapi apekejadahnya kan KL panas2 ni haha, wished sony's dinner ada theme2 gak kan best... in my dreams! :P

aisyahnadiah said... ur costume!! mane ade kampung...i pun annoy jugak kalu nampak malay/muslim joget2 tak ingat dunia ni...hehe.

ajjah said...

you are one cute Tibetan girl...!! :)

nisya salihin said...

wise action to leave the party bila ia bertukar menjadi party liar HEHE. good2 adriani.

Hanna Rabittah said...

comel gileeeeeeeeeeee!! hahah betul2 mcm org tibet haaaa!!

faten91 said...

wow :)
cool gila ^^

Adriani said...

Thank you hanna, cHempaka, masshie, ajjah, nisha and faten! :D

Hanna: Nampak zahrul tak? hahahaha

aisyahnadiah: The worst part is they're my friends, and I hate seeing that part of them came out >_<

Ami: OMG! nnt you pegi bercuti negara sojuk, i bagi u pinjam!
Leh je ami suggestlah Sony wat costume party sekali...mesti lg gempaksss!

Wan: Dear you should really try to find one there...Im sure there are tons of more choices...
You take care tau......:(

And yes, Im sooo glad I left...but when I got home I still kept thinking about it...though Im feeling much better now...:)

jM.♥ said...

tutorial yg ending dengan ke-comel-an. =)

Adriani said...

TQ :)

sue. said...

sue da nenok gmbar yanny pakai drees ni kt twitter..c0mel sgt..sebiji mcm chinese n tibetan gilr syg....heee...<3 <3

cosplay said...

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