Ramadan Mubarak

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Wedding Dresses for Sale

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I'm clearing up my closets.

What's been filling most of the space inside of those closets are, of course, my wedding dresses.

Although a bit sad, I feel like it's probably best to let go rather than to keep them, unused.

They're up for sale at very reasonable price.

Do contact me for further details on measurements, etc.



Longest Hiatus. Ever

Till next time. 
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Studio Shagrasyiid

I'm a big fan of Wedding Photography!

Every so often when I'm bored, I'd browse through the internet new wedding photographs.. especially now that I'm helping my bff plan for her big day this coming October!

Recently I discovered an outstanding talent in the bis, Shagrasyiid!

Here are some of his works that I admire..

What do you think? Most importantly I heard his service is very much affordable compared to other local photogs out there!

Need to know more? For any inquiries, do visit his facebook page! =D

Beautiful Surprises

I love surprises.

And today, I came home to this, a box of "beautiful surprises" from Vanity Trove. =)

It's soooo easy and affordable too! I signed up a few days ago to receive samples of new beauty products and these are some of those that I got:

Awesome, huh? 

As it ain't easy, and only when you're lucky and you're there at the right time and place.. you'll get samples right? 

Especially for mommies like myself, it's not every weekend that I got to go out to the mall to shop and try on samples of beauty products.. it's so much easier to do online! 

So, why wait? Sign up now for the latest makeup, skincare products, and perfume samples for a more beautiful you... here! =D

Till next time!

CHARMS by Anna Cherie

Looking for a Make-Up Artist for an up-coming event... maybe for your engagement or a wedding even?

Look no further!

Introducing one of my fav MUA in town, Anna Cherie! =)

She even did the make up for famous blogger, Irene Nadia!

How much for this awesome touch?
RM950 per session and... if you book for 2 or more sessions, you get the price of RM 850 per session!
Her service also includes hair and hijab styling! WIN! =)

Visit her page 'CHARMS : Make Up by Anna' to see more of her works!

Don't Be Sad

Sadness consumes us and takes up the time we could have used to be happy. Sure it’s a long stretch to say ‘don’t be sad’ knowing that it’s easier said than done, but the next time something saddens you, do the following:

1. Close your eyes. place your hand over your heart, that alone should remind you of your purpose. You were made to serve Allaah subhanahu wa ta’ala. You were made for so much, fulfill your duty by making the most of your time.     

2. Smile. It psychologically helps you feel a little better. Even if it’s not genuine or sincere, just smile.

3. Distract yourself by doing something else. If you’re thinking about your poor grades for example, think about Salaah and how you need to pray. Or perhaps go exercise or read a book.

4. Talk it out. Talk to yourself. Let it out, don’t vent to anyone, vent to yourself & complain to Allaah alone.

5. Remember Allaah. Remember what awaits you if you’re patient. Jannah inshaa’Allaah.

6. Remember death. Will this situation matter when you’re dying? It wont, death is the biggest obstacle, bigger than even what you’re going through.

7. Remember the death of the Prophet. He went through so much that could cause any person to become depressed and upset for life, yet he had trust in Allaah and always saw the good side of things.

8. Trust in Allaah. What is making you sad right now, wont continue on making you sad forever. Look back at all the other times you were sad, do they matter now? They wont matter in the future, so let go of it.

9. Find a lame joke and laugh at it. That’ll liven up your spirit.

10. Make duaa and lots of it. “Verily in the Remembrance of Allaah, hearts find rest.” & duaa and reading the Qur’aan are the best forms of remembrance.

11. Write a letter. If you hate writing, paint or draw something and focus on it. The more you focus, the smaller your problems appear to be.

12. Bake something you’ve never baked before.

13. Clean/ organize/ decorate your room/ home.

14. Play dress-up and play with your makeup!

15. Snap outfit shots!

Any other ideas? Feel free to share. =,)

(A #repost from my tumblr page.)

In Between Being Sad & Strong

...is being loved.

Alhamdulillah for this.

Syomir Izwa x ZAWARA

Assalamualaikum wbt. and Hi lovely ladies,

I'm sure all of you fashion lovers have heard the news of this exciting collaboration between well known Malaysian fashion designer Syomir Izwa; who have worked a lot with Yuna (see below some of his works) with online/ offline modest fashion boutique ZAWARA


Being me, I couldn't control myself when I looked at the photos online, I thought.. I gotta get my hands on those! =D

I mean, really tell me... how can you just look at these:

All 5 awesome designs (in two different colors for each design) will be available at ZAWARA stores starting Feb 2nd!

You'd want to buy them all, I kid you not! 
I got myself the Syira dress by the way and I'm so coming back again for MORE this 2nd Feb! =)

At the official launch!

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